Three Reasons You Need an Attorney to Establish Your Estate Plan and Guide Your Business Legal Matters

1. Put comprehensive business law and estate planning expertise on your side

Whether you are starting a business in San Diego, CA or trying to assure that your children eventually receive your assets, the importance of hiring a qualified estate planning and business law attorney like Jay W. Henderson, Ltd. can't be emphasized too highly.

With more than four decades of experience helping businesses and individuals navigate the legal pitfalls that we all face, comprehensive knowledge is the key.

2. Be sure your assets end up in the right place

No one likes to envision the end of a life, especially our own. But we all owe it to our significant other and children to make that transition, whether sooner or later, as uncomplicated as possible. By letting our estate planning attorney in San Diego help you throughout the process of establishing goals and providing structure, you can rest assured that the turmoil generated by a death is kept to a minimum.

Mr. Henderson will sit down with you, review your assets to help you create a plan or determine whether your current estate plan should be amended or revised. He will structure the estate plan to keep the drama manageable and give you peace of mind.

3. Benefit from a private practice with decades of business law experience

Jay W. Henderson, Ltd. has run his own law firm for more than forty years. He practices alone to have personal contact with each of his clients. Mr. Henderson is accessible and a legal expert who can navigate any business development successfully while keeping you fully informed throughout the proceeding. You get the big firm service without the layers of department heads, associate attorneys and paralegals.

So, whether your business in San Diego needs structure, especially when you start up, contracts reviewed, corporate tax planning, or buy out negotiations, we handle it all.

Call Jay W. Henderson, Ltd. today at 858-618-1100.

Our office is located in San Diego, CA and we offer legal services to many cities

Our office is located in San Diego, CA and we offer legal services to many cities