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There is an argument that has been raging for about the last twenty years (maybe longer) regarding how arrogant it is to believe that America is unique or that Americans are exceptional. Since we all came here from somewhere else, the reasoning goes, it is those people that are unique, not America. I ran into

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Decision Making and Dragon Moms

BY JAY W. HENDERSON I was thinking about an old friend, the other day. I met Little Joe during the Summer of 1968. I had a Summer job between my second and third years of law school tutoring “Upward Bound” high school students. That was a program that brought bright by disadvantaged high school juniors

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What To Do With Manure

BY JAY W. HENDERSON I was at a funeral of a gentleman last Saturday that I have known for a number of years. While I knew much of his late life, I was not, however, acquainted with his life’s accomplishments. At the funeral, I heard an interesting description of him: he was a man with

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